Making a Fascinator Part 3

(Read Part 1 and Part 2 first)

Now comes the fun part. And naturally, I'm missing some pictures. I think I can describe it okay, though.

Now you want to make sure the base of the fascinator is very smooth before you add the fabric and finishing touches. For this you use something called mull. It's basically an interfacing. You can order millinery mull, or you can use something from your stash. I used a little bit of very lightweight flannel. The flannel also gave the final product a little bit of definition. I covered the top, sewed it on with a whip stitch, then covered it with velvet, Here I've measured and trimmed the velvet, and tacked it on using a whipstitch.


I swirled a bit of craft grosgrain ribbon and stitched it to the velvet:


I found the feather at the craft store. It was already curled! The jeweled decoration is a thrifted pin with no back. After I cut off the stem, I sewed the feather into place, taking it down really good at the bottom and also in a couple of inconspicuous places. Then I sewed the decoration to the base.

Next, I turned over the fascinator and put in a circle of satiny material for the lining. The ribbon covers the raw edges and the glue points. 


Now it's up to you to decide how to attach the fascinator to your hair. You can sew on a comb or clip, or a couple of loops to attach to a hairband. I chose the latter, and here is the result:


The headband blends into the hair.

Now go forth and make your own fascinator. Or if you decide that's too much work, you can always buy from Steam Cat. ;-)

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5/4/2015 8:47:00 AM