Making a Fascinator, Part 1

You can construct a simple fascinator using items around the house and from your local craft store. Here's how!

How to Adjust the Size of A Hat

Perhaps you got a nice hat for Christmas, but it doesn't quite fit. What can you do?

Tea Light Flower, Part 1

Dress up your outfit with a lighted flower! This is an easy project that uses hot glue (or you can use another adhesive good for plastic), and requires no soldering.

Tutorial: Lighted Scarf

Make a lighted scarf for the holidays or anytime!


A Word About Supply Sources

A few words on why I'm source agnostic.

Victorian Smoking Caps Book


Here are some resources that I've found useful in making hats and accessories.


Anatomy of a Hat Makeover

Turning an ugly hat into something a Dowager Countess might not sneer at.


The Care and Feeding of Steam Irons

How to care for steam irons.