Making a Fascinator, Part 1

You can construct a simple fascinator using items around the house and from your local craft store. Here's how!

How to Adjust the Size of A Hat

Perhaps you got a nice hat for Christmas, but it doesn't quite fit. What can you do?

Tea Light Flower, Part 1

Dress up your outfit with a lighted flower! This is an easy project that uses hot glue (or you can use another adhesive good for plastic), and requires no soldering.

Tutorial: Lighted Scarf

Make a lighted scarf for the holidays or anytime!

How to Program an NFC Tag

Make A Store Bought Picture Glow!

It only takes an hour or two to do this project!


A Word About Supply Sources

A few words on why I'm source agnostic.

Victorian Smoking Caps Book


Here are some resources that I've found useful in making hats and accessories.

Resources from the SoonerCon 2018 Presentation

At last! Resources from our SoonerCon panel on costume and prop lighting!

DIY Cosplay and Wearables Emergency Repair Kit

Let's face it, stuff happens. Be ready to fix it!

Adafruit's Cosplay Hacks


Anatomy of a Hat Makeover

Turning an ugly hat into something a Dowager Countess might not sneer at.


The Care and Feeding of Steam Irons

How to care for steam irons.

Example Code

Tilt Switch Tiara Code

Code for the tilt switch tiara

Sound Reactive Hat Code

Sound Reactive Hat Code

Magic Wand Code - Transmit Side

Sample code for transmitting colors from one Arduino radio module to another.

Magic Wand Code - Receive Side

Sample code to send color data from one Arduino radio to another. This is the receive side.

Pokelure Code

This code detects distance between two Arduino boards with radios.