Steam Cat at ConDFW

Steam Cat will be at ConDFW THIS weekend! I'll have some new items and a few old favorites.

Also, I'll be doing a workshop on blocking buckram at 11 AM on Saturday. If' you're planning to attend, please mark "Going" on the Facebook invitation page. I want to ensure I have enough supplies. I'll be bringing everything, but you need to supply your own Styrofoam wig head. Why? You'll be taking that back home with freshly-blocked buckram along with instructions on how to complete your project. And yes, I'll even supply a plastic bag for you to put it in, because the buckram will still be damp.

Here's my schedule for the weekend:

Friday, 4 PM Programming 3: History in a Nutshell: How to Pick Change Points

Friday, 6 PM, programming 4: Why Authors Should Publish Audiobooks

Saturday, 11 AM, Programming 4: How to Block Your Own Buckram

Saturday, 5 PM, Programming 4: Fandom Pictionary

Sunday, 2 PM Programming 2: The Elemental Steampunk: Gadgets and Gizmos

See you there!

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2/13/2018 12:05:00 PM