Thank You, SoonerCon!

I had a brain freeze and totally forgot to put my SoonerCon schedule on the site. Sorry about that.

Nevertheless, we had a great turnout at the prop and costume lighting presentation. I'm working on a follow-up post with all of the resources for the items we showed. For now, you can start on the Resources page, which is a generalized list. I'll get more specific in the next list, and will be updating it as needed. (Update 7/1/2018: There is now an entry on the Resources page specific to this panel.)

Thank you again to SoonerCon for having us back, and thank you all for being such a great audience. You had some very good questions, and I hope we answered them to your satisfaction.

Is there anything you would like to see in future presentations? Drop me a line at info - at - SteamCat - dot -net.

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6/26/2018 10:34:00 AM

Steam Cat at ConDFW

Steam Cat will be at ConDFW THIS weekend! I'll have some new items and a few old favorites.

Also, I'll be doing a workshop on blocking buckram at 11 AM on Saturday. If' you're planning to attend, please mark "Going" on the Facebook invitation page. I want to ensure I have enough supplies. I'll be bringing everything, but you need to supply your own Styrofoam wig head. Why? You'll be taking that back home with freshly-blocked buckram along with instructions on how to complete your project. And yes, I'll even supply a plastic bag for you to put it in, because the buckram will still be damp.

Here's my schedule for the weekend:

Friday, 4 PM Programming 3: History in a Nutshell: How to Pick Change Points

Friday, 6 PM, programming 4: Why Authors Should Publish Audiobooks

Saturday, 11 AM, Programming 4: How to Block Your Own Buckram

Saturday, 5 PM, Programming 4: Fandom Pictionary

Sunday, 2 PM Programming 2: The Elemental Steampunk: Gadgets and Gizmos

See you there!

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2/13/2018 12:05:00 PM

Happy New Year!

2017 is behind us, and I'm looking forward to 2018! Here are some of the things I have planned:

I'll be adding more shows as the year goes on. See the Events page for details. It's kind of sparse right now, but I'm working it.

I'm looking at adding more tutorials and doing some live video. Do you think this would be useful?

Of course, I'm going to be adding some new things to my product line. If you've been following the Steam Cat page on Facebook, you've had a bit of a preview. Any products you would like to see? Deerstalkers in more fabric choices? More light-up accessories? Let me know on the Facebook page. You don't have to be a follower to comment, but I'd be honored if you did follow.

Keeping the Etsy store better stocked is also on the list. Remember, for items in stock I generally ship in 1-2 business days. I also do custom orders.

Thank you again for your support and kind comments in 2017. I couldn't have done it without you.

Onward to 2018!

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12/30/2017 10:42:00 AM

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all of you in the US have a wonderful holiday. I know some people have to work - or choose to do so - and you have my commiserations. (Been there, done that.)

I'm thankful that, in spite of the challenges, that the business hasn't totally tanked this year. I'm thankful for the support of my friends and fellow artists and makers. And my husband, who is pretty darned amazing. 

With the Halloween season over I'm taking care of some family business and getting and early start on next year. While there's just one style of hat in the Etsy store, I have more in the Steam Cat Labs. Feel free to contact me if there's something you want. 

I've also updated the Events page. I'm looking for cons and other shows in the North Texas area to attend next year. if you know of one I should check out, please drop me a line!

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11/19/2017 10:01:00 AM

Welcome to the new site!

We're still working on things, but the tutorials and other items are in place.
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11/13/2017 1:40:00 PM